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Wind and your skin

Wind can reduce the natural sun protection in your skin, letting more of the sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrate and cause damage. [1]


Uv rays still shine through

We need to remember that even when it is cloudy and windy outside, the UV rays are still coming through the clouds and hitting our skin.


loss in skin strength

Being exposed to wind can cause the outer layer of skin to dry out and weaken. The force of the wind can then make these dry, fragmented skin cells fall off. Losing some of that outer layer of skin reduces the sun-protective effects of the stratum corneum. [1]


Loss of moisture and protection

As the wind blows, it takes a toll on the outer most layer of the skin. Wind can have an effect on the topical sunscreen you apply as well. Removing your sunscreen, as well as some skin cells on the face and exposed areas. Be sure to throughly apply, and reapply to keep the exposed skin protected from prolonged wind exposure.








Harken Derm SPF 50 All Mineral Sunscreen with antioxidants is a great way to protect and retain moisture on the skin. Its works as a great protective barrier to reduce dryness on the outer layer to maintain your skins health. No matter if you’re sailing, kite boarding, or walking to work, on those windy days be sure and have your protection ready, and reapply as needed.


Harken Derm Daily Skin Repair Lotion is a great way to replenish that damage that has been done from the wind. Any damaged areas of the skin from wind will be quenched when this botanically infused cocktail of antioxidants hit your skin and begins going to work to strengthen and repair your skin.


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