"One Of The Best Sunscreens That I Have Ever Used!"

I would like to personally thank you for the new Harken Derm sunscreen that was donated to the 2018 Youth Sailing World Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas, and to congratulate you on creating one of the best sunscreens that I have ever used!


For 6 long days, I ran the races on the Delta Circle (for the Laser Radial and Nacra fleets), and the very hot, South Texas sun was brutal. The three days after the championship ended, loading boats into shipping containers, were even hotter. Trying a brand new sunscreen was a huge risk for me, as I usually wear straight zinc oxide (which I purchase from Australia, higher % than American zinc), on my entire face, neck, ears, hands, knees, BUT, your sunscreen was incredible! In fact, many of the RC volunteers and Jury members were sporting Harken Derm sunscreen at the mid-way point of the championship.


When applying the sunscreen, it felt silky smooth and not heavy. Once it dried, the sunscreen stayed put, so much so that removing it at the end of the day was a welcome task. I applied it very thick, so it was white, but others rubbed it in so it dried clear. When my daughter exclaimed, a few days after the event had ended, that I did not look like I had just spent 6 days in a convection oven, I took that as another mark of approval.


 As a skin cancer survivor, with a scar from 187 stitches in my left cheek, I am always on the hunt for quality sunscreen, and I think I found it in your new product.


But here is the best news, after 9 consecutive days in hot, humid weather, my skin still has not broken out. Not one single blemish has occurred. That's truly a benchmark for success!


Elizabeth has been jazzed about your new sunscreen and encouraged me to try it, which I said I would. She also gave me the Harken after sun cream, which really does cool and soothe the skin. My daughter added that it did not feel heavy or‎ sticky after applying it. More bonus points in these humid conditions!


Again, thank you VERY much for the sunscreen. If I can ever offer other testimonials, please let me know‎. I am definitely a big fan!


Shannon Bush