High Performance SPF 50 Sunscreen

High Performance SPF 50 Sunscreen


Pure physical shield with antioxidants, clinically proven to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

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The ultimate high performance sunscreen

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide full-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB/IR

Made for the toughest conditions

Very water and sweat resistant, not greasy, no chemical filters that harm the environment and our skin.

The Sunscreen You Can Trust

Created by dermatologist Edit Olasz Harken, MD, PhD, and husband Peter Harken to suit the unmet needs of sailors.

Backed by science and experience, Harken Derm provides more than just sun protection.

Damage doesn’t stop when you leave the sun, and extra repair is needed.

With three powerful antioxidants, Harken Derm minimizes free radical damage and begins to combat the sun damage, helping the skin, rather than hurting it.


 Only mineral filters - zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - to offer safe, full-spectrum protection. 

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide combine to provide safe, full-spectrum protection.