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What's the difference between mineral & Chemical sunscreens

MINERAL sunscreens contain either/both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and REFLECT the sun's UV rays from the body.

CHEMICAL sunscreens use chemical filters to filter the UV light, by ABSORBING, causing chemical reactions to alter the UV rays.

UVA & UVB Rays

UVA rays are longer rays, and are the AGING rays.

UVA rays penetrate deep within the skin's epidermis, causing structural damage and premature aging. They are also responsible for TANS, and penetrate through glass. 

UVB rays are the BURNING rays, and are much shorter and seasonal. 

UVB rays burn the top layer of your skin -- the epidermis, which can lead to skin cancer. 

SPF only represents the level of UVB protection, so make sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen for protection from UVA rays as well. 

infrared radiation 

Much overlooked is Infrared Radiation.

Though it comprises the majority of solar energy emitted from the sun, we have focused on UV rays, thinking that they are the culprit.

New research has recently found the Infrared radiation also leads to skin abnormalities and can lead to skin cancer. It penetrates far deeper and can be far more dangerous.


Developed by Board Certified Dermatologist,

Harken Derm was created to provide professional grade protection in harsh, mid-ocean conditions. 


Edit Olasz Harken, MD, PhD, FAAD, 

My specialty is the management of skin cancers in high-risk patients. 
Harken Derm was developed to mitigate the damage that "water, wind, and sun" causes to the skin.




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