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Save Your Skin!


Here we will show a few infographics that help to remind us about how to stay sun safe and save your skin.

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This infographic covers some of the very real stats that our skin is facing. We all need to know, the sun can effect our skin in many different ways, and many can be harmful with prolonged exposure.


Comparing the 2 types of sunscreen filters, this infographic highlights some of the properties of each filter. Mineral filters such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, are the only two deemed safe and effective, after the FDA released a proposed rule to update the proposed requirements of sunscreen.


Know Your Sunscreens. Its important to know how chemical filters can react with your skin or the environment in negative ways. We list three chemicals that have shown to be harmful, and to avoid using them!


Skincare Tips in the Sun! We cover some of the best forms of UV protection, and the roll that antioxidants can play in healing the skin from stressors.


We saved the best for last! Prevention and Detection! It’s so important to have a regular check of all your spots, and to be aware of any changes. We outline the ABCDE’s of melanoma, a highly curable cancer if caught early enough! Please see a dermatologist if you have any concerns! It just may save your life.


Together we can fight the stats!



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Harken Derm Mission


Recycling can be a task that may seem so mundane, but is so necessary if we want to keep the health of our bodies and our ecosystem in homeostasis. In 2013, we as Americans created 254 million tons of waste, and recycled or composed about 87 million tons of this material according to Municipal Solid Waste EPA archives. These figures are a low ball of the amount of waste we are creating 6 years later with the rise and easy of shipping and packaging for single use plastics. We may all not be able to participate in road side garbage clean ups, ocean side or beach clean ups, but we all have time to take a few moments in our day to access what plastics we really NEED in our lives and what products we can live without.

The infographic below describes a few simple ways that take minimal effort and sacrifice, that can pay off dividends in the future. They are actionable steps we call all take to lighten the load that we up on our landfills and waste that ends up in our oceans. 80% of waste that is found in our oceans, made its way their by land. If we can find ways to reduce and slow the flow of pollution, we can begin to think of ways to stop it at the source.

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